Jasmine Water


Jasmine water arrives in a spray bottle, ready to apply directly to the skin and can soothe and rejuvenate dry, irritated and sensitive skin. It is also known to tighten pores and increase skin elasticity. Given its delicate floral notes, it is an excellent base for creams, scrubs and packs and can be applied before the rest of your skincare regime, or before make-up application.


Jasmine essential oil is known to offer energy and help induce good thoughts, as well as being an aphrodisiac. 


Please note, sediments are natural and may appear after some time.


  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • 200ml


Key Ingredients:           


Jasmine delicate floral water can help to rejuvenate dry, irritated and sensitive skin.



  • Spray on face and body.
  • Can also be mixed with scrub / pack.

Skin Soothe | Jasmine Water

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  • Aqua*, Jasmine Grandiflora Essential Oil*.