Sweet Almond Oil


  • Moisturizes, cleanses, helps prevent hair loss, reduces dryness and dark circles around the eyes.
  • Can be used as a carrier oil with essential oils for skin and hair.
  • Almond oil is a miraculous oil, enhancing complexion and tackling skin problems like making skin healthier, delaying signs of aging , removing impurities and dead skin cells.
  • It also makes hair long and healthy, reduces scalp inflammation and helps to get rid of split ends.  
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • 100ml


Key Ingredients:               


Almond helps in reducing dryness which makes hair long and healthy. Also enhances skin complexion.



  • Use Almond Oil on its own or dilute up to 20 to 30 drops of essential oil with 60ml of carrier oil for body massage.
  • Face/Body - Warm up small amount of oil in palms and gently massage all over face and body.
  • Hair - Simply apply to scalp and gently massage hair from root to tip. Leave it for 20-30 minutes. Cleanse hair with mild hair cleanser.

Moisturize | Sweet Almond Oil

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  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil.