Essence Of India Package 


Our 'Essence Of India Package' is the perfect introduction to Ayurveda; full of goodies to use on the body, help soothe the mind and reconnect to your inner wellbeing. The selection has been carefully made for those interested in understanding how the products work in conjunction with each other; a great gift idea that includes a body moisturizer, essential oil, almond carrier oil (or moisturiser on its own), shampoo and conditioner and some beautiful Indian inspired incense to allow the aromas of nature seep into your space.  


The essence of India package includes the below six products: 

'Aum' means wordless and thoughtless state of mind, it is believed to have ben the first sound of the universe and often used through meditation to create focus and calmness. This state of mind works with great velocity and alertness, and the essential oil is a perfect addition to your morning meditation practice or to dab on pulses (mixed with carrier oil). The warm exotic aroma helps calm the senses, while bringing a blissful, lightness to the body. 


Deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin, giving it a soft, smooth, fresh and hydrated texture, while offering a beautifully invigorating fragrance to awaken the senses. 


Moisturizes and cleanses the body, helps prevent hair loss, reduces dryness and dark circles around the eyes. Almond oil can be used as a carrier oil with essential oils for skin and hair, and is miraculous  for enhancing complexion and tackling skin problems like making skin healthier, delaying signs of aging , removing impurities and dead skin cells. It also makes hair long and healthy, reduces scalp inflammation and helps to get rid of split ends.  


Suits dull and damaged hair. It works to activate the natural defence of hair, thoroughly cleansing and soothing the scalp. Helps in making hair smooth, shiny and more manageable. Great for dry, knotty hair types that lacks lustre and shine. 

With natural ingredients like rice protein that gives you essential nutrients resulting in healthier-looking, smoother hair, it also has the goodness of aloe vera that nourishes and conditions the scalp and hair deeply.


Conditions and moisturizes dry and dull hair, offering nourishment to the strands from root to tip.  Keeps hair looking healthy, smooth, bouncy and full of silky shine due to the goodness of aloe vera offering nourishment which conditions the scalp and hair deeply.


A beautiful array of various fragrances

common to India consisting of Dragon Blood, Lemongrass, Red Fruits, Patchouli and Sandalwood

Essence Of India Package