Boost Lemon Oil


Uplifting, energizing and a grand booster for moods, our lemon essential oil refreshes the senses by cleansing the air making it perfect for long study sessions or the workplace. Another benefit of lemon essential oil (according to healthline) is that it may help reduce stress and symptoms associated with depression.


When mixed with a carrier oil (such as our almond oil), it can be used on tired looking skin to help rejuvenate, add lustre and kill harmful bacteria. 


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Made from pure essential oil, 10ml


Key Ingredients:     


Lemon essential oil cleanses the air and provides a refreshing and healthy boost. It may also aid with morning sickness (aromatherapy); can kill harmful bacteria on surfaces and skin (please use with caution); has antistress and antidepressant effects; acts as a pain reliever; may help you breathe easier; and helps you feel alert and focused. 



  • Dilute upto 10 drops of essential oil with 30 ml of carrier oil for body massage.
  • Add to bath water.
  • Diffuse 3-4 drops in a diffuser for aroma.

Boost | Lemon | Essential Oil

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  • Citrus limonum (Lemon) oil.