Who Is Behind neoVeda? Interview With Monisha Gupta

neoVeda is an authentic, Ayurvedic brand of natural skin and hair care products, which, due to its authenticity, is made 100% in India where it was founded by it's Yoga loving creator: Monisha Gupta.

While we are delighted that Monisha has given us exclusivity for the New Zealand and Australian markets, something that we want to hold true, is that we never lose sight of where the brand came from and the amazing woman that put it all together. This week, I want to share an interview with neoVeda's founder, so our readers can truly understand the passion, pride and values she holds, and why the brand means so much to her - and us!

M.E. "Every great brand has a great story, where did your desire to create NeoVeda come from and why?"

Monisha: "I would like to share one of my favourite quotes from the Upanishads:

'You are what your deep driving desire is.

As is your desire, so is your will.

As is your will, so is your deed.

As is your deed, so is your destiny.'

- Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.

My family from the time I’ve known has been attuned with living with nature. My journey on the path of 'self' is what got me to develop neoVeda. For me, yoga is a way of life to align body, mind and inner being and ayurveda is an integral part of yoga. The natural and alternative ways of healing and understanding the body types; the resources that nature provides; and the relationship they hold with each other has always intrigued me.

However, around 18 years ago, I developed a terrible lower back problem, I tried different medicines and therapies but in vain. My quest to heal my back got me to imbibe yoga and ayurveda in life, and within a year I was able to cure my almost 3 years of suffering from the ailment. Gradually I started to use the concepts of ayurveda in diet and skin care to build immunity and have great skin!!!!"

M.E. "Before you started the business (NeoVeda), what were you doing for work?"

Monisha: "I started with 'Craft House' in the year 2004, a brand showcasing the best of craft and produce from India. Through my journey in life and business, I realized that ayurveda has been the core of the health system in India for the past thousands of years. And having myself cured, my conviction was even stronger so I thought of introducing neoVeda in the year 2010, as I had also started to develop and use various aroma and skin care products."

M.E. "Where does your passion for Ayurveda come from?"

Monisha: "Well, I have not got any formal training in Ayurveda; but have learnt from my grandmother, my mother and father, and mother nature! My passion to seek and learn has guided me towards the understanding of Ayurveda. I’d like to quote my mother - She says when you have intense desire to learn and seek, You don’t go to the Veda’s, Veda’s come to you.

"When you have intense desire to learn and seek, You don’t go to the Veda’s, Veda’s come to you."

I’m so ever grateful to the vast treasure of knowledge to help me..."

M.E. "How do you utilise Ayurveda in your daily life?"

Monisha: "From Sunrise to Sunset and beyond... Ayurveda and me are together!!! Using the aroma of the various oils for balancing the mind and the various skin care products to nurture the skin. I even balance my diet based on the principal’s of ayurveda."

M.E. "Obviously there are some differences in Western and Eastern holistic medicine; as a nation, how do you think Ayurveda is embraced by the greater population?

Monisha: "The fact that Ayurveda works on healing inside out and can be personalized to an individual’s need, is what is making it popular. Just as the Prana in us works as the life force, so is the prana in the plants. The 5 elements Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth and the combination of the three dosha – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This holds true for everyone and everywhere. The busy life and the toxic environment makes living with nature a luxury. From just a couple of essential oils that we started with in year 2010, we have a considerable product range and happy customers both in India and International.

M.E. "In your years running the business, which products do you find have been most popular with Western clients?"

Monisha: "Pure essential oils, especially the yoga range and skin care has been very popular. Face Essential oils are also very popular"

M.E. "What are your favourite NeoVeda products and why?"

Monisha: "Oh well!!, all the products are my favourite, but if I have to name a few then-

Breathe Better Chakra Oil – my most favourite – more I say than - AAAH this is BLISSFULL

Aum Oil – to find oneness

Radiance Kumkumadi Oil - a super oil for even skin tone and radiance

Radiance Kumkumadi Scrub – a great exfoliator

Face Firm Sandalwood and saffron cream - for plumping up skin and reducing wrinkles

Face Cleanse – a non drying face cleanser

Aloe Vera Gel – hydrates the skin

Hand cream

Almond and Coconut soap

Kumkumadi Body Lotion

Aloe Vera Shampoo... shall I go on?"

M.E. "Where do you see the business going in the future? Will you be bringing out any new products any time soon?"

Monisha: "I hope to be able to connect neoVeda with as many people as possible around the globe! The market for ayurveda based products is huge and growing. Yes, we keep on doing our research in developing new products and currently we are working to introduce face and hair care products with Amaranth, Chironji and Giloy."

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