The Miracle Of Kumkumadi Oil

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Kumkumadi oil or Kumkumadi Tailam (which literally translates into 'Saffron Oil' - hence the price tag!) is an Ayurveda herbal oil used for face massage, which is highly placed for its efficiency and formulation. It is an amalgamation of many effective herbs (plant, flower, fruit, and milk extracts) with functions ranging from skin softening to lightening, and also has anti-bacterial properties. Hence, it is also used as a antiseptic herbal oil. Kumkumadi oil is one product that most of us, regardless of skin type, lifestyle or age, can and should be using.

An ayurvedic recipe, this beauty oil is an excellent oil for facial skincare products, which not only maintains your skin health, but also treats skin issues like acne, acne scars, pigmentation, dark spots, dark circles around the eyes, oily skin, fairness, wrinkles, fine lines and associated anti-ageing problems. Kumkumadi oil makes skin beautifully radiant with the power of nature.

Kumkumadi oil is one of the best oils to eradicate anti-ageing problems from the skin as it is packed with natural antioxidants. It contains saffron with healing properties which helps in removing wrinkles and fine lines and it keeps elasticity of the mature skin as well.

Benefits of Kumkumadi oil are below:

1. Beautiful as a face massage oil.

2. Known for efficiently removing anti-ageing problems from the skin.

3. Kumkumadi Oil works very effectively for wrinkles and fine lines.

4. Reduces blemishes, acne, acne scars, white and black heads.

5. Relief from dark circles around the eyes and unwanted sun tanning.

6. Improves skin complexion and texture.

7. Makes skin radiant and beautiful by keeping your skin hydrated at all times.

8. Kumkumadi oil tones the skin and increases blood circulation.

Coined as a ’miraculous elixir’, this oil when applied regularly is said to make your skin glow like gold. ‘Kumkumadi oil’ which literally translates into ‘saffron oil’ in English is known for its luminescent properties. This oil is renowned for its use in rejuvenating and renewing the skin cells, illuminating the skin and bestowing a young and healthy appearance. The ancient preparation consists of a whopping 20 to 26 ingredients, all of which works towards perfecting the skin.

Kumkuma (Saffron) benefits:

As suggested by the name, the main ingredient in this oil is the red thread-like pollen particles obtained from the vibrant purple coloured saffron flower which goes by the botanical name Crocus sativus. Saffron threads rich in antioxidants are famous in lightening the skin colour and improving complexion. The potent warming and kantivardhaka properties of saffron normalises the Pitta and Vata doshas.

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